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Data Recovery: Professional data recovery services to recover your important data.

System Optimization: We will speed up your computers and eliminate all your unnecessary and hidden programs and services greatly improving your computers performance.

Virus removal: We will cure your computer infections whether by malware or viruses and get you back using your computers productively again.

Backup and OnlineStorage (the Cloud): Is your data important to you? Do you backup? Are you sure? We can ensure the security of your pictures, documents and everything else that is important to you for years to come by setting up proper backup procedures for you.

Tablet and Smartphone training: Whether you have the apple ipad or samsung galaxy tab, the iphone or samsung galaxy s we can configure it for your every need and help your productivity.

Networking: Do you have more than one device and want them all to communicate with each other? Would you like to share your printers and documents among all your computers? We will set up your network for you.

Security and Firewalls: Is your network safe? Do you have a good firewall? If you’re connected to the internet you need to make sure you are secure because your computer is being assaulted constantly. We will ensure you are protected and safe.

Remote Support: We can resolve your computer issues from our offices remotely without having to leave our office chairs saving you time and money.

Wireless Networks and Hot Spots: Roam around your house with your laptop, Ipad or Smartphone ready to browse the entire web without any wires. The problem is most Wi-Fi networks are either unsecure or difficult to setup. We have experience securing everything from business hotspots to simple home networks. We can also help with other devices such as printers and gaming consoles.